Seeking Positives from Home Working

March 19, 2020

Fast Start to 2020
With the UK election behind us and (finally) some semblance of a plan for Brexit in place, climate change (or so-termed the climate emergency) has finally been given some of the focus and attention it has so badly needed to address the net-zero target enshrined in UK government legislation.

With other distractions set to one side, minds across the public sector and private sector have been focused on how net-zero by 2050 (or much sooner) will be achieved and as such, 2020 has seen OnGen go from strength to strength.

We are working with major government agencies and departments, energy consultancies and energy providers to identify the most effective options to reduce their energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and of equal importance, secure their energy supply through onsite generation and storage.

However, we find ourselves living in extraordinary times with the significant impact of Covid-19. The NHS is arguably facing the greatest challenge since its inception and the knock-on impact on businesses across all sectors and individuals, which is as yet unknown, will be monumental for some and could take a generation to recover from.

Whilst it’s “business as usual” for OnGen, with such a mammoth effort and measures in place to contain this pandemic perhaps it feels there is no such thing as business as usual, at least for the foreseeable future.

For those that find themselves working from home now, and with all of us potentially facing lock-down, digital solutions that enable us to work effectively from anywhere have never been more vital.

The most immediate impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the climate is a decrease in economic activity, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. However, when life gets back on a most welcome even keel, the need to focus on the greatest challenge of our time that existed before Covid 19 will still be there.

An Opportunity?

Trying to find positives in this current climate is not easy, but for those with a responsibility to address and deliver net-zero, there might never be a better opportunity to utilise an online tool at home to explore your organisation’s renewable energy options.

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