OnGen Expert: A Scottish Government Case Study

September 6, 20230

A Quick Summary

The Scottish Government has been using OnGen Expert™ to conduct renewable and low-carbon energy feasibility assessments to find the most appropriate sources of onsite generation across its portfolio. The Scottish Government has identified generation opportunities that could save 394 tonnes of carbon annually, coupled with energy cost savings of £4,281,000 over 20 years.


“Working with OnGen has made the process of identifying the business case for onsite renewables and potential constraints very straight forward. We have successfully bid for funding using the outputs from the OnGen Expert and have delivered several projects across our estate including air source heat pumps and solar PV” – Graeme Curran, Head of Sustainability, Scottish Government.

OnGen Expert – What Is It?

A beautifully simple software that unlocks the potential of onsite renewable generation.

OnGen’s renewable energy feasibility tool, OnGen Expert™, helps organisations realise the potential of deploying a range of onsite renewable and low-carbon energy generation technologies. Using geophysical and energy consumption data, OnGen Expert™ suggests suitable technologies to meet each site’s energy demand and reduce reliance on grid supplied energy, helping decrease energy costs and scope 2 carbon emissions.


The Results Speak For Themselves…

Working with the Scottish Government’s Environmental Team, OnGen provided high-quality training and support, allowing the Scottish Government to independently carry out feasibility assessments using OnGen Expert™ across a portfolio of 17 Scottish Government owned properties, primarily offices. The results from the onsite renewable and low-carbon assessments have identified an array of onsite renewable energy technology opportunities, such as roof-mounted solar PV, air source heat pumps and ground-mounted solar PV.

The comprehensive reporting has been used to apply for public-sector funding, with the aim to be deployed during 2023/2024. The Scottish Government continues to use OnGen Expert™ to decarbonise its estate, with the focus in the next phase being the assessment of rental properties once owned properties have been assessed.

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