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OnGen for Social Housing

Energy costs are increasing and show no sign of slowing. This impacts everyone, but for those on lower incomes, the negative outcomes can be significant. In England, more than one in ten households experience fuel poverty, meaning 2.5 million families cannot adequately heat their property without falling below the poverty line. In Scotland, over 600,000 households experience fuel poverty, equating to 25% of the total.

Fuel poverty is created by three contributing factors:

• Household income
• Energy efficiency of the property
• Energy costs

Household income is hard to change in any means other than policy change. However, progress can be made by generating energy onsite resulting in energy cost savings.

That’s where OnGen can help.

OnGen’s digital tools identify potential cost and energy saving solutions for properties that can help tackle fuel poverty while lowering carbon emissions.

The traditional methods that involve engaging expensive consultants using complex Excel spreadsheets to assess renewable technologies are often inaccurate and hard to keep up to date. That is why we have developed our online services to provide you with easy-to-understand information which will help you make the best decisions for your organisation.

Consider onsite renewable energy and battery storage: With OnGen Expert, we can help you explore the feasibility of generating and storing your own energy via a range of onsite renewable energy generation sources, like solar and heat pumps.

Switching to generating renewable energy onsite reduces the demand for grid-supplied energy, lowering the cost of energy bills and reduces carbon emissions.

Numerous housing associations have retrofitted new and existing housing portfolios with energy efficiency measures in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, but improvements can still be made for further financial reward. Meanwhile, onsite renewable technologies have allowed housing associations to saving cost by becoming generators themselves.

If not supplying residents directly, additional income can be generated from connecting renewable generation technologies to the grid which can be reinvested into providing tenant benefits.

Doing what’s right for the environment will improve financial performance

OnGen’s digital solutions are ideal for clients with one site or hundreds across the UK. By using the site-specific energy and geospatial data, the business case for a range of renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures is constructed.

Understanding potential constraints and sizing the system to maximise the return on investment at the feasibility stage ensures time and resources are not wasted. The easy wins can be identified, and other actions prioritised.

OnGen’s holistic approach to delivering zero carbon energy also includes making introductions to installers and funders. We also provide high level tax advice, considering which technologies could benefit from the corporation tax super deduction.

OnGen offers a three-step process through OnGen Expert, OnEfficiency & OnSupply. Steps can be done holistically or separately.


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Case Study

“By assessing solar capability using the OnGen Expert software, we have been able to identify 4,000 tonnes of potential carbon savings in our city-centre building stock. OnGen has made it simple and easy for us to demonstrate potential energy costs savings of £2.9 million across the lifetime of potential onsite renewable installations. The OnGen Expert software has shown us the potential of onsite generation at a fraction of the cost of traditional assessments/consultants.”

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