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A unique and objective approach to energy and carbon savings

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Unlock Onsite Energy Generation

  • Identify energy cost and carbon savings, generate new revenue streams
  • Optimal system size to maximise ROI

Simple & Intuitive Interface

  • Easy to navigate, import HH demand data
  • Tailored pricing to suit your organisation
  • Transparent customisable assumptions

Construct a Business Case

  • Accurate, objective and editable commercial report in minutes
  • Powerful portfolio analytics

UK Energy Innovation Awards

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Tailored pricing for all sizes of enterprise. Flexible subscription to the online service. Discounts for multiple sites and multiple technologies.

News! The OnGen Expert was a winner in the Energy Reduction Product of the Year category at the UK EMA Energy Management Awards on 22nd November 2017.

The cost of installing onsite renewables has fallen so significantly at the same time energy prices have increased that deployment can make sense without any subsidy.

It only takes minutes to assess which are the best renewable energy options for a site using The OnGen Expert™ and we can even help you find an accredited installer and arrange to fund it.


Request a demo of The OnGen Expert™ to discuss software licence options and discover how to realise the commercial benefits of onsite renewables and storage.



Find out which onsite renewable energy options could be deployed behind the meter to maximise cost and carbon savings.  Up to eight technologies considered and no licence required.


Customer Spotlight: Langstone Technology Park

Using the OnGen Expert they have demonstrated the following savings

CO2 savings:980 T
Payback:9 years
Lifetime Energy Cost Saving:£5.3 M

”OnGen has made it simple and easy for us to demonstrate potential energy costs savings of £2.55 million across the lifetime of planned onsite renewable installations.”

Cara Merusi | University of Edinburgh

“Through the OnGen Expert we have identified the opportunity to install 13.5MW of wind, solar and biomass CHP to save approximately 7,000 tonnes of carbon.”

ITP Energised

”We liked it so much we have invested in the tool. Congratulations on producing such an awesome piece of software.”

Bill Motion | Energy Edge

”It is vitally important investors understand at an early stage the viability of a project. Having a tool to filter out and highlight those projects offers the highest level of benefit and potential success to communities and their investors.”

Chris Matthews | Senior Advisor, Pure Leapfrog

”Putting reliable information in the hands of consumers is the first step on the road to an energy revolution as I believe that the energy system of the future will be far more decentralised and renewable-focused than our current fossil-based industrialised system. Navigating this transition is not easy and OnGen is developing products that allow all consumers of energy to make informed decisions.”

Ian Marchant | Investor, Chairman at Wood Group

”The OnGen Expert provides best in class feasibility assessment and will provide customers a real insight into how an optimal mix of onsite generation could lower their energy bills, even when subsidies are no longer available.”

Michael Dent | Managing Director, Inprova Energy

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