At OnGen, we believe any organisation serious about reducing its energy costs should assess the potential of generating energy at the very place it is consumed.

Volatile energy prices, tight supply margins, grid constraints and environmental legislation mean that there has never been a more appropriate time to consider onsite renewable energy generation for you or your clients. Our mission is to reduce an organisation’s total cost of energy consumption, provide greater security of supply and help reduce their carbon footprint.

Tailored pricing for all sizes of enterprise. Flexible subscription to the online service. Discounts for multiple sites and multiple technologies.




Air Source Heat

Battery Storage

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Biomass CHP

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Ground Source Heat

PV Ground Mounted Solar

PV Roof Mounted Solar

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OnGen Case Study: Edinburgh University

Case Study - University of Edinburgh

  • CO2 savings: 4,000 tonnes
  • Energy cost savings: £2.9 million
  • £ NPV: 1.4 million
OnGen Case Study: ITPEnergised

Case Study - ITPEnergised

  • CO2 savings: 524,000 tonnes
  • Energy cost savings:£283 million
  • % IRR: 12.6

It’s Simple

Using the OnGen Expert requires just basic site location and energy consumption details
In minutes, produce a comprehensive report detailing the most suitable mix of technologies for your site

It’s Unique

The first online platform to compare all mature onsite renewable technologies
The only tool to combine site assessment, financing options and REA recommended installers
The software calculates the residual energy demand and compares supplier prices

It’s the future

Reduce your marginal energy costs
Cut carbon emissions
Improve your energy security

OnGen Expert™

The OnGen Expert™ is a web based tool that generates a high quality, technical and commercial site assessment across a range of renewable energy technologies in a matter of minutes, optimising the size of a system to maximise the return on investment.