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OnEfficiency was launched in 2020 and uses a sites energy performance certificate (EPC) to identify costed energy efficiency interventions to improve the EPC rating.

OnEfficiency is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that compares and simulates the impact of deploying a range of energy efficiency measures within your portfolio.

This energy efficiency feasibility assessment tool can also be used as the first step to scoping the cost and potential for achieving carbon neutral, both for individual buildings and across a whole portfolio.

First things first, we can immediately identify if your property – or any properties within your portfolio – are rated in the lower Band F or Band G by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations. Then, using a traffic light system, we can address any ‘Red’ or ‘Amber’ warnings and suggest improvements to increase the property’s rating.

The data held for each building includes zoned description and usage, heating, lighting, hot water, construction details, glazing, plant efficiency, and the EPC expiry date.

Our software re-simulates this data and generates a full list of all possible improvement measures, detailing:

  • Possible improvements
  • Cost estimate range
  • Potential energy saving
  • Potential carbon saving
  • Discounted payback
  • Impact on the EPC rating

OnEfficiency is the only tool available that can calculate the impact of the new MEES regulations, requiring a minimum Band B by 2030.
Identification of options
Identification of constraints
Generate optimum
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