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OnSupply is our energy contract price comparison service.

After reducing energy consumption through the identification of energy efficiency measures, and generating energy onsite from renewable sources, there is likely to be a residual demand for grid-supplied electricity and gas.

By partnering with over 50 energy suppliers, OnSupply will find the cheapest green energy contract for your organisation.

What makes OnSupply different from traditional energy brokers (third-party intermediaries)?

  1. Traditional energy brokers are interested in maximising grid energy consumption rather than promoting energy efficiency. OnGen’s primary focus is to help you reduce your overall grid energy demand.
  2. Traditional energy brokers compare prices, but have no motivation to lower costs. The more clients pay, the higher their commission. OnSupply manages a reverse auction with energy suppliers, so they bid competitively to win your supply contract.
  3. Traditional energy brokers typically get 80% of their commission upfront, so are incentivised to overestimate energy consumption and promote long-term contracts. OnSupply receive commission in arrears and, therefore, we don’t make clients commit to long-term contract just for our benefit.
  4. Traditional energy brokers occassionally include tariffs from suppliers conveying a false impression that their products are environmentally sound. This is known as greenwashing. OnSupply will only recommend genuinely green energy.

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