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OnGen Expert

OnGen Expert™ was launched in 2016 and has won numerous awards for its simplicity and effectiveness at identifying onsite renewable energy options and sizing them to maximise the return on investment.

OnGen Expert will provide you with the ultimate business case for switching to onsite renewable energy generation and storage.

We understand the thought of generating your own energy onsite is a daunting prospect for most businesses. However, with the array of new renewable technologies available, and with more technologies coming to market all the time, it is possible.

Our job is to make sure you clearly understand the possibilities, so you can make the best decision for your organisation.

OnGen Expert is an easy-to-use, online assessment tool that makes it easier for you to assess the feasibility of generating onsite renewable energy by providing:

  • A range of the options available.
  • A wider range of energy generation and energy storage technologies than anyone else.
  • Information in a way that even organisations with no technical expertise can understand.
  • The information for a single site, or a portfolio of sites.
  • The optimal combination of system, size and technology for each site.
  • A detailed analysis of costs and return on investment.
  • Both practical and financial information to help you make a holistic decision.

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