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OnGen for Energy Consultants

Delivering the best value energy contracts against the backdrop of increasing volatile wholesale market prices, increasing third party charges and net-zero targets is a challenge.

As energy consultants with access to property-specific energy consumption and tariff information, you are uniquely placed to help your clients achieve their ambitions to improve the bottom line while doing what is right for the environment.

Future government policy changes will continue to be a major driver of energy industry direction and consumption trends. With the legally binding Net Zero target, we have seen the government announce further measures to support decarbonisation across the full energy chain. This trend is expected to continue throughout this decade and should further support the drivers for Behind the Meter generation, energy efficiency and green supply.

That’s where we can help.

The traditional methods involving complex excel spreadsheets to assess renewable technologies are cumbersome, often inaccurate and hard to manage. That is why we have developed our online services to provide your clients with easy-to-understand information so you can help them make the best decisions for their organisation.

As OnGen was originally set up to provide digital tools that could be used by your customers, we offer a white-label solution for our two platforms: OnGen Expert and OnEfficiency. Click on the steps below to find out more information.

Click on the logo below to discover how ITPEnergised, a leading environmental consultancy, used OnGen’s software to assess the suitability of renewable technologies for a variety of sites.

OnGen offers a three-step process through OnGen Expert, OnEfficiency & OnSupply. Steps can be done holistically or separately.

Click on the case study below to discover how ITPEnergised, a leading environmental consultancy, used OnGen's software to assess the suitability of renewable technologies for a variety of sites.


Step 1:

Reduce energy consumption:

With OnEfficiency, you can help your clients identify where and what they can do to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.
OnGen Expert

Step 2:

Consider onsite renewable energy and battery storage:

With OnGen Expert, we can help to advise your customers to explore the feasibility of generating and storing their own energy via a range of onsite renewable energy generation sources, like solar and heat pumps.

Step 3:

Switch to zero-carbon energy suppliers:

With OnSupply, we can help you find the cheapest green energy tariffs for any grid-supplied gas and electricity demand.

Eliminate the remaining energy-related carbon emissions for your organisation.

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Doing what’s right for the environment will improve financial performance

OnGen’s digital solutions are ideal for clients with one site or hundreds across the UK. By using the site-specific energy and geospatial data, the business case for a range of renewable technologies and energy efficiency measures is constructed.

Understanding potential constraints and sizing the system to maximise the return on investment at the feasibility stage ensures time and resources are not wasted. The easy wins can be identified, and other actions prioritised.

OnGen’s holistic approach to delivering zero carbon energy also includes making introductions to installers and funders. We also provide high level tax advice, considering which technologies could benefit from the corporation tax super deduction.

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