Solar Asset Finance & Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Get access to solar energy for free whilst enjoying affordable electricity through a Power Purchase Agreement.

OnGen is working in partnership with a number of Asset and PPA Finance providers through one of our Funding Partners. They have extensive experience and knowledge in financing all sizes of Solar PV projects by collaborating with a wide network of lenders specialised in this field. 

OnGen Expert models how solar projects can be funded by third-party finance providers, either as a power purchase agreement or straight debt finance.

How does Solar Asset Finance work ?

OnGen has access to funders through our Funding Partner who can provide a finance solution to suit your cashflow requirements. They will build the finance agreement such as a Hire Purchase, Lease or a Loan around the energy savings that are driven by the Solar PV investment. This means that the energy produced by the solar PV will create an energy cash saving to your business with the payback period as little as 3-4 years.

What are the Asset Finance Terms available?

  • Up to 10-year term
  • Minimal deposit and in some cases 100% funding
  • Offer instant cash flow relief by financing a 3-month VAT Deferral
  • Deal sizes from 10K+
  • Support any business, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies & PLCs

What is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A PPA is a model which a business (tenant, landlord or owner occupier) leases the airspace above its roof to a provider who then installs the solar panels for free. The PPA provider sells the solar energy back to the business at a price which is typically considerably lower than available market price.

What are the benefits to your business by entering into a PPA solution?

  1. Revenue stability: Predictable cash flow reduces financial risks.
  2. Price certainty: Fixed or indexed pricing shields from energy market volatility.
  3. Risk mitigation: Mitigates uncertainties in electricity demand and market fluctuations.
  4. Environmental goals: Supports clean energy transition, reducing carbon footprint.
  5. Cost savings: Long term savings with lower renewable energy prices.
  6. Positive brand image: Showcases commitment to sustainability, enhancing reputation.

What are the Power Purchase Agreement basic terms?

  • Market-leading competitive PPA rates offering a long-term discounted rate to your energy tariff
  • Benefit from 100% fully funded solution without any upfront costs
  • It’s fully managed process with zero maintenance for the duration of the PPA contract
  • Look at systems from 50 kW and above
  • Flexible terms extending from 10 to 30 years for your convenience
  • Option for the end user to repurchase the Solar system at any point
  • PPA pricing can include moderate roof repairs, cladding, and the inclusion of hybrid solutions like Battery Energy
  • Storage and EV Infrastructure
  • Support both Tenants and Property Landlords
  • The PPA contract will likely be with Green Energy focused Investment Fund
  • At the end of the PPA term, the end user will own the system outright

Achieve your net zero ambitions through our solar PV offering which will drive down your energy costs creating a cash saving to your business. Get in contact for more.


Step 1:

Reduce energy consumption:

With OnEfficiency, we can help you identify where and what you can do to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

By becoming more energy efficient, carbon emissions for your organisation will begin to reduce, along with the cost of energy.
OnGen Expert

Step 2:

Consider onsite renewable energy and battery storage:

With the OnGen Expert, we can help you explore the feasibility of generating and storing your own energy via a range of onsite renewable energy generation sources, like solar PV and heat pumps.

Switching to generating renewable energy onsite reduces the demand for grid-supplied energy, lowering the cost of energy bills, gaining resilience to grid fluctuations and reducing carbon emissions.

Step 3:

Switch to zero-carbon energy suppliers:

With OnSupply, we can help you find the cheapest green energy tariffs for any grid-supplied gas and electricity demand.

Eliminate the remaining energy-related carbon emissions for your organisation.

Your organisation will be assigned a dedicated account manager, who will offer training support and guidance. Additionally, if your organisation is struggling for time, the Managed Service, where assessments are conducted by the OnGen team on your behalf, can be a great option.


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Case Study

“By assessing solar capability using the OnGen Expert software, we have been able to identify 4,000 tonnes of potential carbon savings in our city-centre building stock. OnGen has made it simple and easy for us to demonstrate potential energy costs savings of £2.9 million across the lifetime of potential onsite renewable installations. The OnGen Expert software has shown us the potential of onsite generation at a fraction of the cost of traditional assessments/consultants.”

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