DESNEZ awards OnGen AI funding

April 12, 20240

It’s a really exciting time for us at OnGen. The first few months of 2024 come with two major announcements – firstly, we were absolutely delighted to be the recipients of more than £300,000 in funding from the UK Government as part of the Artificial Intelligence for Decarbonisation Innovation Programme.

Funding was awarded to UK innovators that are using AI technologies to support cutting carbon emissions to deliver net zero.

DESNEZ graphic


Furthermore, we’re announcing the launch of OnGen Marketplace. OnGen Marketplace is our latest offering that will help organisations to find the perfect installation partner for their renewable energy projects.

The idea behind the platform is to provide recommendations for trusted partners for each specific renewable energy project. Not only will our customers be able to see what technology is right for them, but they’ll be able to find the right partner to make the project a reality.

This is the first time that this complete end-to-end visibility of green energy projects will be possible, and we’re delighted to make renewable energy even more accessible than ever before.

For more information about OnGen Marketplace, click here.

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