Empowering Prosumers: Convergence Of Production And Consumption

January 18, 20240

What is a Prosumer?

Prosumers are individuals or businesses who can produce, control and consume their own energy.

Graphic showing the difference between a consumer and a prosumer.
Image: Sarah Harman

How to become a Prosumer

For an individual or business to become a prosumer, it’s as simple as generating your own renewable energy, whether that be solar PV, wind or EV chargers. The energy that is produced from the installed system can either be consumed onsite or fed into the national grid to be used by other individuals or businesses.

By utilising prosumers, this introduces a multi-directional system of distributing energy, essentially decentralising energy production by distributing it across the entire country. As a result of decentralising energy production, this reduces the amount of energy wasted, thus reducing carbon emissions. There is also the potential for there to be a huge financial benefit to being a prosumer; if more energy is produced than is consumed, this excess energy can be sold to make a profit.


How can OnGen help?

It has never been easier for businesses to become a prosumer with OnGen. OnGen offers the perfect software suite designed specifically for those who wish to generate their own onsite renewable energy.

OnGen has recently launched its newest service, OnGen Marketplace, helping businesses find the perfect installation partner for their renewable energy projects. Paired with the award-winning OnGen Expert, which focuses on ensuring businesses are equipped with the right information to build the best business case for installing renewables, OnGen Marketplace provides costing transparency and trusted recommendations to help users select the right installers for their bespoke green projects.

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