EMEX 2023

December 5, 20230


Last week, OnGen was delighted to attend EMEX 2023 in London alongside some of the energy industry’s most talented individuals and businesses. EMEX brings the topics of energy efficiency, innovative new technologies, and decarbonisation to the centre stage. It is the perfect opportunity to get insight into the latest developments across the energy industry and learn from experts by speaking to them directly. The day began with a welcome speech from Lord Rupert Redesdale before Paul Simpson OBE gave a talk as to why the net zero transition is inevitable and presents the greatest economic opportunity since the Industrial Revolution.

EMEX allowed OnGen to showcase the beauty of how OnGen Expert simplifies the process of assessing the feasibility of renewable technologies. A common theme throughout the event was the struggle to raise finance for projects which are aimed at achieving net zero. With today’s volatile energy market, a particular focus on how OnGen Expert can help maximise the return on investment was made, whilst also highlighting how OnGen can help businesses secure the right funding for them. OnGen’s Funding Module exists to help users of OnGen Expert find the right funding solution for their renewable energy project.

First talk of the day from Lord Rupert Redesdale.

Talks and Panel Discussions

The conference was comprised of 4 educational theatres, each with a different theme. These were the Energy and Carbon Management Strategy, Sustainability and Net Zero, Built Environment and Transport Theatre, and Energy Future and Flexible Networks.

It was clear from the talks OnGen attended that many businesses and organisations within the public and private sectors are eager to decarbonise their energy supply. Both the John Lewis Partnership and the Ministry of Defense (MoD) mentioned that they are actively planning and implementing long-term strategies for energy efficiency improvements, heat decarbonisation and generating their own sources of renewable energy.

One of the talks taking place in the energy future and flexible networks theatre.

Energy Security

Energy security was a key concern for the MoD who cannot afford to have any critical infrastructure to go down. They need power as and when they need it, which is cost-effective, drives down carbon emissions and decreases their reliance on the grid. The MoD have a large estate comprising of extensive land areas meaning they are in a prime position to generate their own energy. With the help of OnGen Expert, the MoD can cost-effectively identify the potential for generating renewable energy thanks to our multi-technology optimisation embedded within the software, meaning that energy security across their estates will become more stable with renewable energy.

Grid Constraints

The issue of grid constraints came up on multiple occasions throughout the panel discussions. This poses a particular problem for large organisations such as the MoD and the NHS which have large estates. With net zero becoming a key focus for organisations across the UK, more grid capacity will be required to connect newly installed renewable energy systems. Without this, the UK will be behind on its net-zero targets. At OnGen, we advise the user if their project will likely face grid constraints, and if so, to what extent. This helps ensure that users do not decide to go ahead with a project and face hurdles along the way.


Funding was another topic widely discussed at EMEX. Gary Jacobs, BD Manager at Vattenfall, gave an interesting talk which highlighted 4 key funding models for energy efficiency and net zero projects. The first of those is self-funding; this is the easiest and best way to finance a project, however, businesses need internal competency to do this, and many do not have the budget to do it this way. A second option is loan finance to secure the funding needed, which is ideal for companies that do not have the budget to cover the upfront cost. However, a good credit rating is required, and monthly payments begin when the money is transferred, regardless of whether the project is up and running. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are another popular and easy solution where the consumer typically buys a percentage of the generation to use at their sites. A final option is utilising an operational lease, which will mean the consumer will be able to use the energy system in place, but will not own it, meaning they avoid the upfront cost of purchasing the assets.

Closing remarks

The topics raised at this year’s EMEX can be aided by using OnGen Expert. Time, money, and carbon emissions were the main concerns for businesses, and OnGen’s consultancy service would be a great fit to help these organisations. OnGen’s managed service allows internal resources to be freed up as the assessments are carried out for you, as well as offering great value for money and guaranteeing savings on carbon emissions.

OnGen is looking forward to following up with the new connections made at EMEX and providing a demonstration of how our software is the perfect tool for building the best business case for onsite renewable energy generation.

Did you miss out on EMEX this year and want to find out more about what OnGen can do for your business? Get in touch today by emailing sales@ongen.co.uk.

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