Onsite Renewables: How JLL Are Embracing A Sustainable Future

June 28, 20230

It’s great to see JLL, a current client of OnGen, recognise the significant importance of businesses addressing rising energy costs and making strides towards achieving net zero by installing onsite renewables.

They note that by installing your own onsite renewable energy, businesses can avoid fluctuating and volatile energy prices and will guarantee a lower fixed cost of obtaining energy. On top of reducing energy costs, installing onsite renewables comes with the additional benefit of reducing your carbon emissions and therefore getting your business on track to net zero. Furthermore, generating your own sources of energy will provide your business with energy security from the currently unpredictable wholesale energy market.


How has JLL helped businesses install onsite renewables?

JLL has helped the Washington Metro Transit Authority identify suitable sites for installing solar PV. This has resulted in the installation of 17 acres of solar across unused land and car parks. This will also enable them to generate additional revenue which can be sold to the District of Columbia, further reducing carbon emissions for the wider community.

Their work with Adventist Health has resulted in energy savings approximating $1 million in the first year across their hospital sites because of installing solar PV. It is estimated that this figure will be in the tens of millions in years to come.

Example of solar carpark canopy, an onsite renewables technology.
An example of a solar carpark canopy (Source: PV carport Zagreb, Mirko Sečić).

Real estate accounts for 40% of global carbon emissions, as JLL notes, and therefore the push for generating and storing renewable energy onsite has never been more important.

We are delighted to be working with JLL to identify the best opportunities for installing onsite renewables across their portfolio of sites. We make reaching net zero look easy, saving your business money, time and resources; take a look at what we do. Get in touch with OnGen today to start your net zero journey by identifying the right renewable energy solutions for your business.

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