OnGen’s Funding Module: Simplifying Funding for Onsite Renewables

June 1, 20230

OnGen Expert empowers energy users to make informed decisions about which onsite renewable energy technologies should be deployed and how they should be sized to maximise the return on investment. 

To help consider how an investment in onsite renewables could be funded we have launched the “Funding Module” in OnGen Expert to simplify the process of assessing funding options that avoid an upfront capital cost. 

This new module is FREE for OnGen Expert licence holders. 




The Issue Being Solved

All organisations are under pressure to decarbonise their energy supply and assessing up to ten renewable energy options is a fantastic way to determine what are the best options. But if internal funding is not an option, organisations could miss out on some significant energy costs and carbon savings.  

The good news is there are no shortage of funded solutions in the market and the Funding Module removes the complex process of understanding which funding option is the most appropriate and how much they will cost.  

This is where OnGen’s new Funding Module can help: 



  • Requires no prior modelling experience. 
  • Multiple funding variables can be considered e.g. cost of finance, length of agreement. 
  • Generate a detailed funding report within minutes. 
  • Equips the user with the appropriate information to make a funding application straightforward.
  • Designed by accountants and funding experts, the module provides detailed analysis in a simplified format clearly demonstrating the cashflow impact. 


Funding Options Considered

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) 

This is a contract between a renewable energy developer and a customer (the off-taker), where the developer owns and maintains the renewable energy system and sells the generated electricity to the customer at a reduced price over a defined period.  


The project is financed through a loan obtained from a funder, typically a high street bank, and the borrower (the energy consumer) is responsible for paying back the loan with interest.  

The availability and cost of both funded solutions are determined by the credit rating of the organisation. 



The Funding Module generates an easy-to-understand cashflow forecast in Microsoft Excel clearly demonstrating the energy cost savings, how those cost savings are constructed together with the cash out flows associated with loan repayments or energy costs in the case of a PPA. 


Image showing the cashflow results of the OnGen Funding Module for onsite renewables.
The funding module produces a detailed cashflow demonstrating the energy cost savings.



Contact OnGen

If you are interested in learning more about the funding module and how it can benefit your organisation, contact OnGen for more information and organise a demo. OnGen’s expert team is always available to help and guide you through the process and point you in the direction of funders that operate in this area. 

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