All-Energy 2023 – OnGen’s rundown of the key topics.

May 19, 20230

Last week the OnGen team attended the All-Energy and Dcarbonise Exhibition and Conference at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow – a great opportunity to speak with new and existing clients and get the very latest updates from industry experts and academic professionals. With the event breaking all previous records for attendance with a 25% increase over last year, it proves how decarbonising is a key focus for businesses.


OnGen customers successfully securing funding for low carbon generation


It was great to meet with OnGen client PlusZero Ltd who provide green hydrogen solutions. They’ve recently secured funding of £1.129 million from the Scottish Government’s Hydrogen Innovation Scheme’s Emerging Energy Technologies Fund to transform the Western Isles into a world-leading hub for clean energy production. The funding signifies a vote of confidence in the region’s green energy future and supports the government’s targets for delivering 5 gigawatts of hydrogen production by 2030.

The University of Edinburgh also had a presence at the event and it was great to advertise their utilization of OnGen’s software which helped them secure £4 million to install solar PV projects across their estates. This will save the university 4,000 tonnes of CO2 and save £2.9 million over the deployments lifespan. To find out more about OnGen’s successful work with the University of Edinburgh and how our services can be of use to higher education portfolios, click here to visit our dedicated university page.

New clients Pure Energy also promoted their recent acquirement of the OnGen ExpertTM software. This enables Pure Energy to provide the optimal combination of renewable energy generation and storage technology options, in an easy-to-understand format, for either single or a portfolio of sites, along with detailed analysis of capex costs and return on investment to customers.


Key themes at All-Energy

The event had some great speakers and members of the OnGen team were keen to learn more about some of the key themes being discussed:


Renewable energy storage

As renewable energy gains popularity, optimizing its benefits by addressing energy storage challenges becomes paramount. The conference highlighted the latest solutions and technologies for storing renewable energy, including battery storage systems and hydrogen storage. Incorporating battery technology to capture and store electricity from renewable systems can mitigate intermittency issues and shift energy demand, opening up various financial benefits and revenue streams.

However, it is essential to consider the correct sizing, storage potential and constraints of battery deployment and businesses often find it difficult to find the right solution that works for them.

This is where we can help.

The OnGen ExpertTM helps to assess the feasibility of onsite battery technology deployment, providing valuable insights into how a battery would perform in coordination with the sites energy demand as well as generation from other technologies such as solar PV. The software allows the user to construct a straightforward business case for battery deployment and gives the decision makers a detailed insight into the most appropriate solutions for their site. To find out more about battery storage technology and how OnGen’s services can be of use, visit our dedicated page here.


Two of our consultants at the All-Energy 2023 event.
Head of Account Management Iona Wyllie and Renewable Sales Consultant Stuart Briggs attended All-Energy 2023 as part of the OnGen team.


Financing and investment

Recognizing the crucial role of financial support for renewable energy projects, the conference featured discussions on financing mechanisms, investment trends and innovative funding models. OnGen has recently launched our funding module as an extension of the OnGen ExpertTM software. The funding module helps users identify the funding options available when they don’t have the capital for an upfront commitment. Clients can easily evaluate their funding options, whether it be a loan or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), to see which is the best fit for their business. By utilising the funding module, OnGen clients are empowered to make more informed financial decisions about their renewable energy projects which can save them time, financial resources and reduce investment risk.


Get in contact

If you missed us at All-Energy, then don’t worry! We will be exhibiting at The Big Zero Show on the 20th of June. But why not get in touch today? If your business is looking for a renewable energy solution to help cut energy bills and carbon emissions, then OnGen is the perfect place to start. Drop us an email at [email protected] or fill out a contact form and a member of our team will be happy to chat.

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