ITPEnergised: A Case Study

May 18, 20230

Using OnGen, ITPEnergised has identified the potential to save approximately 524,000 tonnes of CO2


Key statistics for ITP Energised after using the OnGen Expert.


ITPEnergised is a multidisciplinary consultancy company that specialises in providing expertise and solutions in the field of sustainable and low-carbon energy, environmental impact assessment and engineering services. The company offers a wide range of services to support clients in various industries, including renewable energy developers, infrastructure developers, utilities and government agencies. ITPEnergised has consistently renewed its OnGen license each year and fully embraces the OnGen Expert software, championing it as an invaluable tool for consultancies operating in the energy industry.

“ITPEnergised has utilised the OnGen Expert software to assess the suitability of renewable technologies for a variety of sites. Through the OnGen Expert software, we have identified the opportunity to install significant amounts of onsite renewable energy using Wind, Solar PV roof and ground, Biomass CHP, Gas CHP and Biomass heating as technology options.

The average annual energy cost savings of each project is £0.75 million and will save 524,000 tonnes of carbon over the project lifetimes. The OnGen Expert software has allowed us to demonstrate an average IRR of 12.6% to our clients, who will be collectively saving an estimated £283 million in energy costs over the lifetime of the installations, with a payback period of just 9 years.”

ITPEnergised 2017


Onsite Renewable Energy Generation and Storage




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