The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme: What you need to know and how OnGen can help

April 25, 20230


The fourth phase of the Low Carbon Skills Fund is set to open on Wednesday, April 26th. This phase offers up to £17 million in grant funding for the financial year 2023-2024 to allow organisations to access the specialist skills and expertise necessary to develop an effective heat decarbonisation plan.

A host of our public sector clients, from local authorities to NHS Trusts, have already used this source of funding to benefit from the speed and efficiency of using OnGen’s award winning feasibility tools: OnGen Expert; and OnEfficiency.

This is a great opportunity to enhance your team’s skills and contribute to a more sustainable future. Successful applicants must complete their funded activity by March 28, 2024, so it is essential to plan accordingly.


How OnGen Can Help

OnGen can assist public sector organisations with their applications to the public sector decarbonisation scheme. With OnGen Expert, users can produce a comprehensive and detailed report to identify the most cost-effective projects that will decarbonise their energy use. The tool streamlines the time-consuming process of assessing multiple technology options manually by producing an end report that contains specific details on what renewable energy systems are most feasible.


Case Studies


The Greater South East Net Zero Hub utilized OnGen Expert to help local authorities in its region. The generated reports enabled them to identify opportunities to deploy onsite renewables and apply for the public sector decarbonization scheme to fund various projects. As a result, the hub successfully secured a staggering £123,998,023 worth of funding to support projects across its site portfolio.

Out of the 31 successfully funded projects, 10 (approximately 30%) were supported by initial OnGen surveys on the site(s), totaling £37,607,111 worth of projects. This also constitutes 5% of the total public sector decarbonization scheme awarded in the Greater South East Region, which is a considerable achievement.


Contact OnGen Today

Contact OnGen today to learn more about how our software suite can assist your organization in identifying the best opportunities to deploy renewable energy projects or energy efficiency measures. Our team of experts will be pleased to talk you through how the OnGen Expert is ideally positioned to help with public sector decarbonisation scheme applications. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your team’s skills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

If you happen to miss out on the fourth phase of funding, don’t worry – there may be future phases that you can take advantage of. OnGen is committed to providing ongoing assistance to help your organisation secure the necessary funding for your energy decarbonisation projects.

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