Make use of OnGen’s internal expertise and let one of our experienced account managers carry out your feasibility assessments for you using the OnGen Expert™  software. This option is perfect for those organisations which are resource constrained and would like additional insight from our team of geographical information system (GIS) experts.

We carry out assessments on your instance of the platform which means you have complete visibility of the assessment process and you can run reports directly.

1. Agree Scope

Your dedicated OnGen Account Manager will meet in person or via conference calls to understand the aims of the study e.g. which sites to assess and which renewable technology options to include.  We also discuss the modelling assumptions and financial measures to be used.

2. Data Gathering

The OnGen Expert™ only requires a small amount of data about each site, including half-hourly demand data and the most recent bill. To make this as easy as possible, these can be provided via email.

3. Data Cleaning and Verification

OnGen will clean data and verify that it is complete and in the correct format. If your sites have complex tariff structures for electricity and/or heating fuel, we will extract the correct data from your bills for you and provide comments on your current supply contracts, should you wish.

4. Run Assessments

Our expert account managers will run the OnGen Expert™ models on your behalf, ensuring that the outputs are the optimal solutions to meet your stated aims. Our account managers will use their specilist GIS skills to analyse each site using an array of geospatial datasets and data processing techniques .  By using our inhouse GIS capability, any technical and/or planning constraints to development at your site will be identified.

If there is an energy performance certificate (EPC) for the building, we can also provide an assessment of which energy efficiency measures could be deployed to generate the best investment return.

5. Quality Assurance/Review

Before reports are issued to our clients they are subject to a review process to ensure the output and assumptions are consistent with the parameters specified in the Agree Scope phase.

6. Reports Delivered

You will receive a full report and a “one-pager” summary report for each site, outlining the feasibility and financial metrics of each technology assessed. Under our managed service, these reports come with additional insight and recommended next steps from OnGen.

Our powerful analytics can report across a portfolio of sites to help you quickly assess the “quick wins,” prioritising which technologies provide the best return on investment at each site.

7. Realise OnGen

Following the desk top feasibility assessments, the next stage is to arrange a site survey.  Realise OnGen is our own renewable energy installation business that will project manage the installation process including the installation of a battery if appropriate. Realise OnGen provides the following services:

  • Contact the electricity District Network Operator on your behalf and provide network connection advice.
  • Contact the Local Authority if necessary. The OnGen Expert™ will advise you if you are likely to need planning permission for your renewable or low-carbon energy system development. Potential constraints are highlighted in assessments so that a discussion with your local authority can be started as soon as possible.
  • Arrange Project Finance. OnGen can advise on a number of funding options and introduce you to the panel of funders who accept the output of the OnGen Expert™ in making their funding decisions.

OnGen Expert™

The OnGen Expert™ is a web based tool that generates a high quality, technical and commercial site assessment across a range of renewable energy technologies in a matter of minutes, optimising the size of a system to maximise the return on investment.