OnGen and City of Edinburgh Council case study

March 8, 20230


OnGen are pleased to publicize the success of its work with the City of Edinburgh Council. The Council approached OnGen to help construct a business plan which would help them not only reduce emissions, but minimize energy related costs too. By creating a strong working relationship with the Council and its Economic Development Lead, the OnGen team were able to investigate the feasibility of deploying onsite renewables across the Council’s site portfolio, the majority being schools. The feasibility assessments conducted have identified low carbon energy generation opportunities to potentially save 5000 tCO2e of carbon annually and potential electricity cost savings of £48.9 million over 20 years. Reports produced via the OnGen Expert have also gave the Council greater insight into how much the technologies will cost to install and maintain, as well as how much energy they can produce in comparison to site demand.


By using the OnGen Expert to assess the feasibility of deploying onsite renewable generation, the Council are not only aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. They are also increasing their energy independence, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and the volatility of energy prices. Further benefits include demonstrating the councils commitment to sustainability and helping the council meet their climate goals and environmental obligations.



The OnGen Expert™

The beautifully simple software the City of Edinburgh Council used to unlock the potential of onsite renewable generation.


OnGen has developed a unique online feasibility tool called the OnGen Expert™ to help energy users identify how they can maximise the potential benefits and returns from onsite renewable energy generation. OnGen’s service is the most cost effective way of identifying and prioritising renewable energy opportunites. The OnGen Expert™ has maximum impact when used across all the sites in an organisation’s portfolio and when all technology options are considered. If you imagine the time it would take to assess a portfolio containing 10s or 100s of sites, each in line with their specific energy demand profile and all other considerations, it’s virtually impossible to do so efficiently and accurately using either consultants or internal resources. We know this is why some projects either fail to deliver or fail to get off the ground at all.

By using a site’s consumption data, energy tariff data and specific location data, the tool constructs a feasibility report in minutes, identifying the likely technology sizes that maximise the return on investment supported by a 20-year cash flow forecast for each configuration. A high-level technical assessment identifying potential constraints accompanies a comprehensive description of each technology. The tool can be licensed under a white label agreement or OnGen’s team of specialists can complete assessments through the Managed Service providing a unique consultancy view, along with extensive geographic analysis to determine suitability. As part of our Managed Service, our team of Geographical Information System (GIS) specialists use a wide array of data sources and perform different GIS processes to provide in-depth geospatial analysis to highlight potential planning constraints.



Get in touch today to discover how OnGen’s software suite could also help your organisation implement energy efficiency measures, generate renewable energy onsite and source genuinely green energy contracts. Our online submission form can be found here.

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