Webinar: Why Finance Professionals Should Be Involved In The Energy Transition

July 25, 20220

Wholesale energy prices have experienced a dramatic increase and security of supply is a genuine concern for businesses. This means that of all of technology’s utopian visions of the future, a world of clean renewable power is perhaps the closest to realisation.

However, is the move to cleaner energy a costly one?

That’s the question many businesses are asking and as a finance professional, OnGen’s Managing Director Chris Trigg recently hosted a webinar to discuss why all finance professionals need to be at the forefront of change.

The fear for most is in the funding. For too long there has been a misconception that reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions is detrimental to the bottom line. It is essential that finance professionals use their skills to interpret data and their roles to make the right investment decisions.

This webinar will look at the regulatory environment, aspects of tax but importantly why generating the business case is so important.

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