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Our team of experienced consultants will carry out the site assessments using the data provided on your licence.
Cost per site - £250
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When signing up for an OnGen Expert Standard license, site assessments are purchased in advance for use at any point in the following 12 months.

Should any additional site assessments or a greater range of technology options be needed (or both), the license can be upgraded during the year by paying the remaining balance, as if a larger license had been taken at the start.

A maximum of 20% of unused sites will be carried forward to the next year, as long as the license is renewed for an equal or greater value. If more than 20% of sites are unused, they will be lost.

If the license is not renewed, site assessments purchased but not used can be protected and used in the future by paying an annual maintenance fee of £2.50 per month per site.

One of the many benefits of the OnGen Expert platform is that a digital record of a site is created, which can be reviewed updated and refreshed an unlimited number of times. This, for instance, allows updated consumption data and energy tariffs to be considered, as well as the ability to run simulations for brand new technologies.

If a license is not renewed or the maintenance fee is not paid, any site information already entered will be deleted.