Planet with Pandemic: Navigating the present and future health of Planet Earth amid the coronavirus outbreak

April 24, 2020

We are experiencing truly unprecedented and remarkable times. At OnGen, we have been lucky enough to all work from home, maintaining contact through our (mostly!) reasonable internet connections. This quarantine period has given us time to reflect on what matters most: the beauty of the world, seeing communities unite and help each other and holding our loved ones close. The pandemic truly depicts the fragility of life, making us grateful for our and our loved ones’ health.

It also has reaffirmed the importance of OnGen – we like this world; we want to keep living in it and it needs to be protected. Aside from coronavirus, climate change is the most pressing crisis of our time. After we overcome this pandemic, we need to focus on climate change and we need to fight with the same velocity and strength that we are seeing on the frontline today.

We’ve been trying to understand the pandemic through the eyes of the climate crisis that we are in. Join us in our three-part blog post series recognising the climate impacts of the pandemic, unravelling the differences in public response and learning lessons to bring in our next battle.

Sending well wishes and hope,