Use the award winning OnGen Expert™ software to assess the feasibility of renewable and low-carbon energy technology at your sites. It’s a user-friendly web-based platform that incorporates big data and machine learning techniques to optimise the renewable energy system size.

Choose from a variety of great value annual payment and PAYG licencing plans using our simple online form. The more sites and technologies that you want to assess, the lower the assessment cost.

1. Licence Set Up

We create a clone of the OnGen Expert with your organisation’s logo and a dedicated URL.  Select a “Super User” for your organisation who will act as the client administrator and first point of contact with OnGen.  This person can add an unlimited number of sub-users to the platform, who can be internal staff or external clients.

2. Webinar training

Your dedicated OnGen Account Manager will deliver a training webinar to get you up and running with the software. We provide unlimited[1] further training for additional users and re-caps should you need them.  The account manager is there to make sure you get maximum value from the platform.

3. Run Assessments

You’re ready to start using the OnGen Expert™ software to optimise a range of renewable and low-carbon energy generation and storage technologies at your site! You can start an assessment with as little as the most recent energy bill or contract but ideally the annual half hourly energy consumption data will be available to upload.

[1] Subject to fair usage

4. Portfolio Analysis

If you have a portfolio of sites, you can use the Portfolio Analysis feature, built into the OnGen Expert™ software, to make further decisions about where best to deploy assets.

5. Download Reports

Fully automated feasibility reports are produced in minutes, presenting the available options in a clear and concise manner. The only sections that you need to complete are the Introduction and Conclusions, but all other sections can be edited as the report is fully customisable.

6. Realise OnGen

Following the desktop feasibility assessments, the next stage is to arrange a site survey.  Realise OnGen is our own renewable energy installation business that will project manage the installation process, including the installation of a battery, if appropriate. Realise OnGen:

  • Contact the electricity District Network Operator on your behalf and provide network connection advice.
  • Contact the Local Authority if necessary. The OnGen Expert™ will advise you if you are likely to need planning permission for your renewable or low-carbon energy system development. Potential constraints are highlighted in assessments so that a discussion with your local authority can be started as soon as possible.
  • Arrange Project Finance. OnGen can advise on a number of funding options and introduce you to the panel of funders who accept the output of the OnGen Expert™ in making their funding decisions.

OnGen Expert™

The OnGen Expert™ is a web based tool that generates a high quality, technical and commercial site assessment across a range of renewable energy technologies in a matter of minutes, optimising the size of a system to maximise the return on investment.