Energy Tariff Comparison Service

OnGen has its own online energy tariff comparison service to help find the most appropriate tariff for the site, be that a green tariff, or the cheapest tariff for different contract lengths.

Access the service through the OnGen Expert™ directly, where the energy consumption required is already adjusted for what can be generated onsite or simply click here.

Arrange Project Funding

Our overarching aim is to stimulate deployment of onsite renewable energy solutions.  If funding a project is the major hurdle to overcome, we work with a panel of funders to help overcome this challenge.   Options include asset finance or a power purchase agreement (PPA), where the funder will finance the installation and sell cut price energy to the site under a long-term agreement.

Energy Efficiency

OnGen Efficiency is an asset management platform used to plan energy performance improvements in commercial property portfolios.

Property managers use OnGen Efficiency for:

  • Managing energy data across large and diverse portfolios.
  • Planning energy improvement strategies.
  • Managing risk under MEES and Section 63.
  • Engaging stakeholders in building improvement opportunities.

The platform provides a repository of detailed asset energy data uploaded from the XML data file behind the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for each property. Portfolios are monitored and analysed using a range of dashboard filters and simulation tools to assess risk, identify priority assets and plan retrofit strategies.


OnGen Expert™

The OnGen Expert™ is a web based tool that generates a high quality, technical and commercial site assessment across a range of renewable energy technologies in a matter of minutes, optimising the size of a system to maximise the return on investment.