OnGen Shines Bright: A Net Zero Energy Revolution at The Big Zero Show

June 30, 20230

Last week, OnGen had the opportunity to exhibit at the highly anticipated Big Zero Show net zero

The Big Zero Show held in Coventry, brought together innovators, industry leaders, and organisations committed to shaping a greener future with net zero commitments in mind.

Exhibiting at the event provided OnGen with a platform to showcase its innovative software solutions, network with industry leaders, and contribute to the topical conversations surrounding achieving net zero. It was great to meet OnGen’s several existing clients, one of which was Direct Line who we met at last year’s event.  

The Big Zero Show gathered some of the most influential figures in the energy landscape to deliver inspirational keynote speeches, sharing their experiences, research, and visions for a sustainable future.  

OnGen’s Managing Director, Chris Trigg, spoke in the Tech Showcase. His presentation focused on the business case for onsite renewables and sparked conversations with delegates from the private and public sectors who were exploring net zero solutions for their organisations. 

Managing Director of OnGen, Chris Trigg, speaking at The Big Zero event in Coventry.
Managing Director of OnGen, Chris Trigg, speaking at The Big Zero event in Coventry.

Matteo Deidda, the Senior Sustainability Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, took the stage to shed light on the organisation’s commitment to achieving net-zero operations. His presentation focused on Lloyds Banking Group’s carbon pledge, which emphasised the reduction of energy consumption and employee travel emissions. Additionally, Matteo highlighted the groundbreaking developments in their Halifax office, where a ground source water loop heat pump is set to decarbonise the building entirely. 

The event reinforced OnGen’s commitment to driving the net-zero energy revolution and to continue pioneering transformative solutions that drive the world closer to a greener and more sustainable future. Visit our Services page and contact us today to find out how onsite renewables can help your business reach its net zero goals and save money on soaring energy costs.

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