OnGen Launches Battery Storage

October 9, 2017

OnGen have announced that they will be launching their energy storage product at UK Construction Week at the NEC, Birmingham from 10th-12th October.

OnGen’s online tool – called the OnGen Expertallows business managers a simple way to input their current energy usage and generate an in-depth and impartial feasibility assessment on which green energy technologies they should adopt.

Development of the battery storage assessment has been supported by Heriot-Watt University and will allow users to assess whether they can not only self-generate green energy but also store free power for later use when grid supplies are expensive.  Battery storage added to OnGen’s existing compliment of mature renewable technologies on its site, including, wind, solar, CHP (combined heat and power) and biomass.

 “Energy bills can have a massive impact on the bottom line, and often the best way to reduce energy costs is to generate it onsite yourself,” says Christopher Trigg, the company’s managing director.

 “But one of the big challenges for business is finding out which renewable technologies are most appropriate for a particular user, and calculating what savings can be achieved.

The launch comes at a busy time for OnGen, who have amassed 15 additional customers in the first half of 2017, having launched in summer 2016. Organisations including City of Edinburgh Council and Inprova have signed up for their online platform which helps enterprises reduce energy bills through generating their own green power.

“Businesses and public sector organisations are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs and how to meet sustainability targets, that’s why we have continued to develop the OnGen Expert. The impartial assessments allow organisations understand the potential to generate, store and sell energy back to the grid in times of system stress. That’s where we see the future of energy in the UK.” Trigg says.

Earlier this month OnGen was nominated in the Best Smart Grid Innovation category at the UK Energy Innovation Awards being held later this month.  Organised by the Energy Innovation Centre, the awards bring together more than 300 of the energy industry finest, celebrating the latest and greatest technologies helping to shape the UK’s energy future.