The New And Improved OnGen Expert™

August 17, 2016

Earlier this week we announced a major upgrade to the OnGen Expert, the next evolutionary step in the software’s development. Designed to help address the “energy trilemma” i.e. the increasing cost of energy, the need to reduce carbon and maintain the security of supply, the software is a very low-cost high-quality feasibility screening tool to significantly reduce the cost of making the first step towards onsite renewable energy generation.

What’s New?

The upgrade saw some fantastic new additions to the software; a new user interface, new user experience, and a new technology option.

New User Interface

We completely redesigned the interface to highlight what’s important and to improve navigation.

New User Experience

We changed the layout of the pages to make it easy for users to know where everything is and added guidance text.  This includes a progress bar placed at the top, an improved menu button and information boxes to keep users in-check.

New Technology

We also add a long-awaited technology option along with the existing ones; biomass CHP.

We’re very excited about these new additions to the OnGen Expert and we look forward to announcing further progress very soon as new technologies are added to the platform.

To try the OnGen Expert (for free) please visit