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Aggreko Powers British Open Golf Championships with Renewable Energy Solutions

16 July, 2021 – The British Open Golf Championships are being powered by renewables this year. The golfing competition, taking place at Royal St George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, England, is using electricity from microgrids provided by Aggreko. The microgrids are composed of solar PV and battery storage hybrid systems, while the generators onsite will be fuelled by sustainable biodiesel. The temporary system aims to reduce carbon emissions by 40% and since installation in March, has saved 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Fuel of the future? UK’s first hydrogen-powered homes open to the public

16 July, 2021 – The first new homes to be powered completely by hydrogen have been built at Northern Gas Networks’ innovation site in Low Thornley. These households will act as public show homes to highlight the potential of hydrogen-fuelled homes. The public will be able to view the use of hydrogen-fed appliances and will have products from different manufactures to be able to trial the appliances.

ScottishPower and Shell bid to develop large-scale floating windfarms in UK

16 July, 2021 – Plans for a large-scale floating offshore wind farm have been submitted by Scottish Power and Shell. The system has been claimed as the ‘world’s first large-scale system’ for floating offshore wind. Floating offshore wind is beneficial for areas of the sea with too deep water to install fixed foundations. The scale of this installation has yet to be revealed. ScotWind will announce by 2022 if this project has been successful in obtaining planning permissions.

Biggest storage battery in Europe built near Wiltshire village

15 July, 2021 – Europe’s biggest storage battery has been turned on to help store additional energy that has been generated from renewables. The battery storage will feed this excess energy into the National Grid during peak times in a bid to stabilise the grid. The 100MW battery is located in North Wiltshire and is larger than a football field. It is expected that this battery will be the first of many in the UK. Are you interested in installing standalone battery storage at your site? Get in touch with OnGen to see how we could help.

SSE offers businesses 100% renewables switch

15 July, 2021 – SSE has announced plans for a 100% renewable electricity tariff for businesses. This new renewable tariff will be traceable to electricity sources that are operated by SSE; SSE will be able to tell businesses the exact renewable installation that they are receiving energy from, such as specific onshore wind farms or hydroelectric stations in Scotland. Is your organisation wanting to switch to a green energy tariff? Check out OnGen’s new software OnSupply which compares green energy tariffs, helping you find the best deal.

Welsh colleges awarded £2m to provide training for jobs in green economy

14 July, 2021 – Colleges in Wales have received £2 million of funding from the Welsh Government to provide college training courses related to the green economy. These courses will be related to subjects, including renewable heating systems and electric vehicles, among others. These courses will be held at 6 colleges around Wales and will be open to all adults who are wishing to upskill. It is thought that these courses will help people gain new skills to become more employable in the green industry.

Global wind and solar power capacity grew at record rate in 2020

8 July, 2021 – BP’s annual review of the energy sector has revealed that 2020 was a record year for increasing the global capacity of solar and wind energy. A total of 358TWh of renewable energy capacity was installed globally during 2020, which is the highest year on record. The rise in installations was led by China, who installed half of the renewable energy during 2020. While the capacity of renewable energy increased, the global demand for oil dropped by 9.7% in 2020.

Guidelines aim to reduce wind impact on Scottish peatlands

8 July, 2021 – A research paper by East Point Geo has outlined new guidelines for reducing the environmental and ecological impact of building wind farms in Scotland. The aim of the guidelines is to protect the peatland habitats that onshore wind farms are often installed on. As 23% of Scotland’s landscape is composed of peat, it is important to protect this habitat while continuing to increase the installation of onshore wind. Installing a wind turbine at your site could be ideal for lowering carbon emissions. Want to know more? Get in touch with OnGen today.

‘Scotland’s largest’ net zero housing development greenlighted

8 July, 2021 – Edinburgh Council has announced plans for constructing the largest net-zero housing development in Scotland. The council plans to build 444 net-zero homes in Granton. These flats will be highly energy-efficient, with features such as triple glazing. The homes will receive energy from onsite renewables, with roof-mounted solar installed on each home for electricity. Heat will be generated from a communal air source heat pump. This project is planned to be completed by mid-2022.

UK's clean energy pipeline on course to unlock 625,000 green jobs

7 July, 2021 – The European Climate Foundation and Ernst & Young’s latest research has found that 625,000 jobs will be created in the UK as the country continues to focus on decarbonisation. This figure would equate to 90% of the jobs lost due to COVID-19, providing a strong green recovery. Over 20% of the predicted jobs would be in the North, East and Midlands in England, while 57,000 of the jobs would be located in Scotland.

Solarwatt supplies complete PV systems for 15 Essex primary school sites

5 July, 2021 – Essex County Council is installing roof-mounted solar on 15 primary schools in the district. The panels are estimated to produced 700,000kWh of electricity in a bid to lower electricity costs while reducing carbon emissions. Solarwatt, the supplier for this project, has indicated that this project will help show young people the benefits of renewables from a young age. Are you interested in installing solar PV at your site? OnGen’s software, the OnGen Expert, will help you find the most suitable solution. Get in touch for more information.

Scottish wheel of fortune?

5 July, 2021 – The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland has received £250,000 of investment from Scottish Canals for installing onsite renewables. A total of 85 solar panels are planned to be deployed, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 5.5 tonnes per annum. Heat pumps will also be installed at the Falkirk Wheel. Aside from onsite renewables, Scottish Canals is switching its vehicles to EVs in a bid to further reduce carbon emissions. Scottish Canals is planning to open a low carbon canal centre in Falkirk once installations are complete.

UK Coal Authority turns to solar energy for mine water treatment

2 July, 2021 – The UK Coal Authority has installed 2,000 solar panels at the Bates Mine Water Treatment Scheme in Blyth, Northumberland to power the mine water cleaning process. The solar panels will generate 550,000kWh of electricity per annum and save £25,000 in electricity costs per year. Of the generated electricity, 350,000kWh of the power will be exported back to the grid, generating more income through export payments. Want to know if renewables are suitable for your site? Get in touch with OnGen today.

Domestic electricity skyrockets this year

1 July, 2021 – BEIS’ latest report highlights that domestic electricity usage has increased by 8.4% during the first quarter of 2021 to the highest usage since 2013. The rise in electricity is thought to be related to increased levels of home working and low winter temperatures. Non-domestic energy consumption reduced during the same period, with a 2.3% drop. If you are interested in reducing your energy consumption, get in touch with OnGen to find the most suitable energy efficiency improvements for your site using OnEfficiency.

Full steam ahead for Cornwall’s geothermal energy project

1 July, 2021 – Deep geothermal power in United Downs, Cornwall has begun generating heat and electricity. Geothermal Engineering Ltd, who is running the project, plan to build a power plant that feeds the generated electricity into the electricity grid, while the generated heat will provide heating for a rum distillery and a housing estate. The success of this project has resulted in four other deep geothermal projects being announced in the Cornwall region.

Nissan unveils plans for £1bn electric vehicle hub and battery gigafactory in Sunderland

1 July, 2021 – Plans for an electric vehicle hub in Sunderland have been revealed by Nissan. To launch this project, a £1 billion investment has been awarded by Nissan, Envision AESC and Sunderland City Council. The EV hub is planned to also feature a 9GWh battery production gigafactory, which will be led by Envision AESC. The gigafactory is expected to create 750 jobs, in addition to the 900 created by the EV hub. Nissan is also planning to install a solar farm to help meet 20% of the site’s electricity.

Grid will say bye to coal in 2024!

30 June, 2021 – The UK Government has announced that the ban on coal will be brought forward by one year to October 2024. Currently, coal makes up 1.8% of the UK’s grid electricity, with few coal-fired power stations generating electricity. Coal energy has significantly dropped in the grid mix when compared to 10 years ago when coal made up 40% of the energy mix. This earlier ban on coal will help the UK decarbonise the electricity grid quicker when working towards the UK’s 2050 net-zero target.

Solar grid contracts soar in East England

28 June, 2021 – The number of solar generation connection contracts organised by UK Power Networks during the beginning of 2021 has doubled since 2020. UK Power Networks has arranged connection contracts for 840MW of solar energy across 34 projects in Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. UK Power Networks has also reported a rise in large-scale batteries, with 9 new battery connections organised in 2021, which is a three-fold increase when compared to the same period in 2020.

Drax to expand pumped storage hydro station Hollow Mountain

25 June, 2021 – Plans for a new underground pumped hydro storage station have been announced for the Cruachan site in Scotland. Drax seeks planning permission for a 600MW power station to be built inside Ben Cruachan mountain in Argyll. The power station will be located beside the existing 440MW hydro station called Hollow Mountain. The planned pumped hydro storage power station will act as a battery to help store excess energy generated by surrounding wind farms.

Renewable training centres launched across Scotland

25 June, 2021 – A total of nine new Renewable & Energy Efficiency Training Centres have opened around Scotland in colleges including Ayrshire College and Borders College. The courses aim to help upskill students in the energy, engineering and construction sectors. The colleges have also organised industry partnerships to help students gain employment in the energy industry after course completion. These new training centres are thought to be key for equipping students with the skills needed to help the UK transition to net-zero emissions.

UK connects its first grid-scale “big battery” in Oxford

24 June, 2021 – A 50MW lithium-ion battery storage system has been connected to the UK National Grid’s transmissions network as a country first. The connected battery aims to increase the flexibility and stability of the electricity grid. The battery has been connected at Crawley Substation in Oxford. The installed battery is part of Oxford’s net-zero by 2040 plans, along with installing EV charging points and low-carbon heating. Pivot Power has suggested plans for 40 similar projects to be installed in the UK.

New renewables 'undercut cheapest fossil fuels'

22 June, 2021 – The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has highlighted in a new report that the share of renewable energy that is cheaper than fossil fuels has doubled in 2020. IRENA has revealed that 62% of installed renewables in 2020 (162GW) had a smaller cost than the cheapest new fossil fuel alternative. As a result of the low cost of renewables, $6 billion is predicted to be saved globally. IRENA suggests that onshore wind, hydropower and solar PV have the biggest savings when compared to fossil fuels.

Gatwick plots path to net-zero before 2040

21 June, 2021 – Gatwick Airport has announced plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. The airport is intending to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 80% by 2030 and reach net-zero for these scopes by 2040. Plans for lowering Scope 3 emissions are currently being discussed. Gatwick Airport’s green efforts include sourcing 50% of electricity and 50% of heat consumption through renewable sources. Furthermore, Gatwick Airport has switched 40% of its ground support vehicles to EVs.

Historic buildings could boost net zero aims

21 June, 2021 – A new study by Grosvenor has found that making historical buildings and heritage sites more energy efficient could result in significant carbon savings. It is estimated that 5% of the UK’s building-related carbon emissions could be reduced by making historical buildings more energy efficient. Grosvenor is now calling for the UK government to consider historical buildings in the pathway to net-zero. If you are interested in making your site more energy efficient, get in touch with OnGen today.

UK set to double solar capacity by 2030, but more required to help reach net-zero

17 June, 2021 – Solar Energy UK has released a report that explains that the UK solar capacity is predicted to double by 2030. However, this increase would still leave the UK 11GW behind its solar PV installation target. Solar Energy UK has suggested policy amendments that would help the solar capacity treble by 2030, with policies including cutting VAT for solar PV installations. Interested in installing solar PV? Contact OnGen today to find out if installing solar PV would be suitable for your site.

Britain set to see ‘periods of true zero carbon electricity in 2025’

15 June, 2021 – The National Grid ESO expects that the UK will have periods of zero carbon grid electricity by 2025. The rise of renewable energy and energy storage will allow for fossil fuels, such as natural gas, to not be relied on as ‘back-up’ to meet high electricity demand periods. Instead, renewables, including wind and solar, are predicted to produce sufficient energy to meet the electricity demand in the UK. It is expected that these zero carbon periods will be small at first and will increase as the volume of renewables deployed increases throughout the UK.

Two-thirds of UK homes ‘signed up to green energy suppliers’

15 June, 2021 – The latest study from Cornwall Insight has identified that 65% of UK households have signed up to a green electricity tariff. These homes receive their electricity from an electricity tariff backed by a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGOs) Certificate. The number of homes choosing a green electricity tariff has greatly risen in recent years, with a 45% increase from 2017. Is your company considering switching to a green energy tariff? Contact OnGen to find out about our latest software, OnSupply, which finds the most cost-effective renewable tariff for your site.

Ikea launches renewables programme for direct suppliers

11 June, 2021 – Ikea has announced plans for its suppliers to be powered by 100% electricity. Ikea has acknowledged that its supply chain contributes to two-thirds of the company’s carbon emissions. Therefore, a switch towards renewable energy will significantly lower the supply chain emissions. Ikea will support 1,600 suppliers in China, Poland and India by setting up initiatives such as Power Purchase Agreements for suppliers to source renewable energy. It is expected that 670,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved annually if the suppliers are fully powered by renewables.

UK farmers prioritise renewable energy and agri-tech

10 June, 2021 – Research by Propel has found that farmers in the UK are prioritising investment in onsite renewables. The study has found that renewable energy technology is the third-highest purchase by farmers, after tractors and trailers. As farmers continue to diversify, onsite renewables including wind and solar PV are having a strong financial return. Interested in installing onsite renewables at your site? Contact OnGen to see how the OnGen Expert can find the most suitable technology for you.

Aecom’s £550M Loch Ness hydro scheme given go-ahead

10 June, 2021 – Part of Loch Ness has been given the go-ahead to provide pumped hydro storage. The 450MW project, developed by ILI Group and AECOM, will allow for electricity to be generated via pumped hydro storage. Electricity will be stored when not required and then turned back into electrical energy when there is higher grid demand. A further 5GW of pumped storage is currently in the pipeline to be deployed across the UK.

Halogen and fluorescent light bulbs to be banned in UK homes

9 June, 2021 – The UK government has announced a ban on halogen and fluorescent light bulbs in a bid to cut 1.26 million tonnes of carbon emissions per annum. Many of these light bulbs will be banned from shops by September 2021, allowing for consumers to switch to more energy efficient LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are 8 times more energy efficient than halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. The energy labels of light bulbs will also be changed, with ratings from A-G being introduced to make energy efficiency easier to understand by consumers.

Budweiser brews renewable electricity to offset G7 consumption

9 June, 2021 – The brewing company Budweiser has donated 5 million kWh of renewable electricity to offset the emissions emitted from the energy used during the G7 summit. The G7 summit, which is taking place in Cornwall this week, will receive renewable energy certificates from Budweiser that will match the event’s energy consumption. Budweiser produces 100% renewable energy for its operations from solar PV and wind installations around the UK.

European Energy, Firma unveil 200MW UK solar pipeline

8 June, 2021 – Multiple solar projects located in the UK, which equate to 200MW, are being proposed by partners European Energy and Firma. These organisations are working with farmers to explore building solar farms at 30 different sites primarily in the north of England. Each proposed site is over 50 acres in size and will be leased from farmers for approximately 30 years. The partnership is also considering projects with alternative technologies including hydrogen.

Ørsted Commits to Recycling of Wind Turbine Blades

4 June, 2021 – The renewable energy company, Ørsted, has announced that it is committing to reuse, recycle or recover all of its wind turbine blades across its portfolio of onshore and offshore wind farms. Ørsted is planning to conduct research into the recycling of the wind turbine blades and has committed to storing the decommissioned wind turbines until the best solution is found. The company hopes to inspire other wind manufacturers to take on the same responsibility.

Cop26: Edinburgh Council announces ambitious plans to reach net-zero emissions by 2030

4 June, 2021 – Edinburgh Council has stepped up its plans for reaching its net-zero 2030 target. The council will focus on reducing its energy emissions by retrofitting historical buildings to help them become more energy efficient. Other plans include installing electric car charging hubs for public service vehicles and building new homes with net-zero building techniques. The City of Edinburgh Council has set aside over £750,000 to help start working towards its net-zero goal.

So Energy offers 'first of a kind' solar and battery storage service to customers

4 June, 2021 – The energy supplier, So Energy, has released a new system for battery storage that allows the supplier to remotely control the battery for improved battery efficiency using data based on factors including weather forecasts and energy consumption. This will improve energy efficiency and greatly reduce energy costs. The new battery system will be paired with solar PV in domestic households. Interested in installing solar PV paired with a battery? Use the OnGen Expert to find out if this technology is suitable for your site.

London puts solar on the curriculum

3 June, 2021 – A new education program has been unveiled in London to support careers in the solar industry. The ‘Solar Skills London’ scheme has been launched by Solar Energy UK and the Mayor of London to include online training and work placements for people interested in a career in the solar industry. The program should help increase the number of people that are skilled as solar technicians as the UK recovers from the pandemic.

Renewables industry 'supports 23,000 Scottish jobs'

3 June, 2021 – The University of Strathclyde’s latest study has highlighted that the Scottish renewables industry supports 22,600 jobs across Scotland. Onshore wind has the highest number of employees at 8,780, while offshore wind supports 4,700 and hydropower supports 3,290 workers. The study also found that the renewables industry also supported an additional 3,000 jobs in construction and 2,200 in manufacturing. These findings demonstrate the positive impact that renewables have on the Scottish economy.

IEA: Renewables set to attract 70% of global energy investment in 2021

2 June, 2021 – The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest report has forecasted a 10% year-on-year increase in global energy investments, with $750 billion predicted to be invested in 2021. This percentage rise will result in investment levels reaching pre-pandemic levels. IEA predicts that 70% of energy generation investment will go towards renewables. However, even with this increase in investment, IEA reports that the energy sector is not on route to meet net-zero emissions by 2050.

E.ON and Roche UK team up for renewable energy initiative

28 May, 2021 – Roche UK is the first life sciences company to trial a renewable energy initiative with E.ON. Roche UK plans to purchase 100% renewable energy from E.ON that has been produced from UK wind energy at a competitive rate. Roche UK will also be supporting its supply chain partners to ensure that each company can access green wind energy to power sites at a special rate. This partnership aims to help Roche meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2031.

UK pumps £44m into green heat

28 May, 2021 – The UK Government has awarded £30 million of funding to support three heat networks located in Southeast London, Manchester and Cambridgeshire. The network proposed in Manchester will produce heat for commercial buildings, hospitals and housing within a 5km radius of the site using air source heat and solar energy. Aside from these three projects, an additional £14.6 million will be used to fund 11 other projects related to low carbon heating and cooling.
Oak pellets in flames - fire and pile of wood

UK is setting an example in bioenergy, says REA

27 May, 2021 – The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Energy (REA) has announced in its latest report that the UK is leading the way in the bioenergy industry. In 2020, the UK produced 11% of its electricity from biomass, which is triple the volume produced in 2010. The REA also highlighted that the UK has the highest share of electricity production from biomass globally. This result demonstrates that the UK is beginning to successfully transition away from coal, with a carbon emissions reduction of 10 Mt per annum.

Homes to get paid for becoming greener!

27 May, 2021 – Electricity company, Emergent Energy, is offering a new system of leasing heat pumps, solar PV and EV chargers from developers. This energy system should benefit property developers and social housing providers that wish to install these systems to form a micro-grid. The developers will receive long-term payments from leasing the installed technologies from Emergent Energy. The energy company aims to use the generated energy with communal battery storage and algorithms to effectively manage the grid.

Derelict mines to warm South Tyneside

25 May, 2021 – Abandoned mines in Holborn, South Tyneside will be repurposed to become a district heating system. The project will use a mine water heat pump and a river water heat pump (from the River Tyne) to produce heat for public buildings. The heat pumps will be powered by electricity from solar panels mounted on the front of the building. This project is expected to save 2,436 tonnes of carbon a year. South Tyneside Council has secured £4 million of government funding to begin working on this renewable project

UK sets record for wind power generation due to May gales

22 May, 2021 – The National Grid ESO reported that a new wind generation record was broken on the 21st of May, 2021, where, between 2-3 am, wind power generation met 62.5% of the country’s electricity demand due to gusty winds. This record is 2.6% higher than the large wind generation record set in August 2020.

1/3 of council leaders commit to ambitious net-zero plans

21 May, 2021 – 35% of councils in the UK have set a net-zero target that pre-dates the central UK Government. Councils such as St Albans City and District Council and Hammersmith & Fulham Council are some of the 57 councils that have signed the UK100 pledge of net-zero by 2045. These local councils are calling for more powers from the UK Government to be able to facilitate changes for reaching net-zero early.

Gwent Levels: 'Wales' Amazon in danger from energy developments'

20 May, 2021 – Proposed energy park at Gwent Levels is causing controversy due to the area being an important conservation site. Plans for an energy park containing 250,000 solar panels along with 160 battery storage units have been submitted for the Gwent Levels area. The proposed installation would supply 40,000 households with green energy and has claimed it would help restore nature in the area. However, due to the important conservation value of the site, organisations, including Friends of the Gwent Levels, are against this installation, as it may threaten rare wildlife.

Funding confirmed for UK’s largest community-owned solar park

20 May, 2021 – Triodos Bank UK has approved a loan to fund the installation of Ray Valley Solar Park in Oxfordshire. This solar park will be the largest subsidy-free and community-owned solar park in the UK. Ray Valley Solar Park will act as a trial site for Local Energy Oxfordshire to understand the potential of local energy projects. The solar park aims to generate enough electricity to power 6,000 homes per annum by Autumn 2021. If you are interested in installing ground-mounted solar at your site, contact OnGen today.

UK's electricity grid emissions up year-on-year, despite net-zero pledge

20 May, 2021 – The UK’s electricity grid emissions have increased during 2021 when compared to 2020. The National Grid ESO published that carbon intensity during the first few months of 2021 were 5% higher than in 2020. These findings highlight the need for an increase in renewables to help decarbonise the grid. Renewable UK, Solar Energy UK and the Nuclear Industry Association have demanded that the government release a solid plan for meeting net-zero grid emissions.

‘Fully-flexible energy system could cut cost of net zero by £16.7bn a year’

18 May, 2021 – Latest analysis by the Carbon Trust and Imperial College London has communicated that more energy flexibility could reduce energy costs by £16.7 billion a year by 2050. The research suggests that the energy system must be expanded for the decarbonisation of heat to be achieved. The report also highlighted that hydrogen could be important for creating a flexible energy system.

Government solar push continues as MoJ announces thousands of panels to be installed

17 May, 2021 – The Ministry of Justice plans to build four fully electrified prisons in England. The new all-electric sites will be powered by solar panels and heated using heat pumps. Energy efficiency measures will also help reduce energy consumption, resulting in carbon emissions being cut by 85% when compared to other prisons. These new prisons will be built using low carbon materials, including recycled concrete and steel. The first of these prisons is planned to be built beside HMP Full Sutton later this year.

Schools need a lesson in energy saving!

13 May, 2021 – Schools in the UK have seen their energy bills increase by 6.5% over the past few years. A new report by eLight has found that, in the Yorkshire and Humber and the North East regions, there has been an increase in average annual spending per pupil for energy costs. It is thought that a large percentage of the energy used by schools could be reduced as a result of more energy-efficient improvements. The cost of electricity bills could also be reduced by installing onsite renewables at schools. If you are interested in finding out the best energy solutions for your site, contact OnGen today.

London urged to back geothermal surge

13 May, 2021 – The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) and ARUP have published a report relating to the economic potential of deep geothermal energy. This report is backed by businesses and industry professionals and urges the UK Government to include deep geothermal developments as part of the green recovery. REA’s report suggests 12 deep geothermal projects could be installed in the UK, resulting in £1.5 billion of investment and the generation of 35,000 direct and indirect jobs. The proposed deep geothermal projects would also have an annual carbon saving of 3 megatons.

UK Power Networks sets science-based emissions targets on journey to net-zero

12 May, 2021 – UK Power Networks net-zero targets have been verified to be aligned with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree trajectory. The Distribution Network Operator is aiming for net-zero by 2028 for direct emissions and net-zero on all indirect emissions by 2050. UK Power Networks has been able to reduce emissions by 26% when compared to its 2014 baseline. Plans for replacing two-thirds of vehicles with EVs, increasing energy efficiency and installing low-carbon generators are some of UK Power Network’s plans to reach its climate goals.

Global renewable energy industry grew at fastest rate since 1999 last year

11 May, 2021 – The International Energy Agency (IEA) has reported that the global renewable energy industry in 2020 had the fastest growth rate since 1999. IEA communicated that renewable energy projects had a 45% increase in the rate of new capacity in 2020 than compared to 2019. China has seen the largest rise in renewable technologies, making up a large percentage of this increase. IEA predicts that 2021 will have a similar capacity of renewables as in 2020.

National Grid adopts power flow tech to free up 1.5GW of new network capacity

10 May, 2021 – The National Grid has announced plans for installing power flow technology at three substation sites to have an additional 1.5GW of network capacity. SmartValve TM technology will be deployed to help free space on the grid, benefiting new renewable installations. A new network capacity of 500MW will be created in each substation region because of this new technology, helping improve the grid capacity in the UK.

North Yorkshire to spend £2m to cut carbon in public buildings

10 May, 2021 – North Yorkshire County Council has been awarded £2 million in a bid to decarbonise council buildings. The funding from the government’s Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme will be used to make improvements on 20 schools within the county. Care homes and libraries are additional public buildings that are expected to benefit. Energy efficiency improvements are to be made and renewable energy technologies will be installed. If you want to find the best energy efficiency and onsite renewables at your site, contact OnGen today.

UK urged to set 30GW onshore wind target

7 May, 2021 – RenewableUK has asked the UK Government to up its onshore wind ambition by setting a 2030 target for 30GW of onshore wind to be installed. The latest report by RenewableUK also demands that older wind farms should be regenerated to be powered by modern technology rather than disposed of. Calls for an increase in green hydrogen and marine energy were also mentioned within RenewableUK’s report.

Buccleuch to market pumped hydro and wind site

6 May, 2021 – Buccleuch has proposed a 210MW pumped storage hydro installation along with an onshore wind farm in the Queensberry Estate, Dumfriesshire. The project will be located at a former opencast coal mine, giving the site a new lease of life. Buccleuch is working with the investment bank Noble & Co to help fund the £250 million required to complete this project. The pumped storage hydro system would be effective at helping balance the energy system.

Dorset brewer creates green electricity from waste beer

6 May, 2021 – Dorset-based Hall & Woodhouse Brewery has been able to generate green energy with its unsold beer. The brewery has installed a wastewater treatment plant, which is creating biogas. The biogas can then be used to generate electricity that is required for the bottling and packaging of beer. Between the wastewater treatment plant and previously installed solar PV panels, the brewery is generating enough energy to power 17,000 homes for a day.

Blustery bank holiday helps windfarms set new clean energy record

4 May, 2021 – During the Early May bank holiday, the UK reached another wind generation record as a result of blustery winds. A total of 17.6GW of electricity was produced by onshore and offshore wind turbines, which is a new generation record. As a result of this high generation, wind made up 48.5% of the electricity grid in Scotland, England and Wales. Although, due to the poor weather, solar farms only generated a fraction of the electricity mix at 2.3%.

Cambridge University planning new solar park on farmland near the city

4 May, 2021 – Cambridge University has submitted a planning application for a large ground-mounted solar installation. The solar farm is to be deployed in a nearby field at the edge of Cambridge. The planned area for ground-mounted solar is very large, covering the size of 50 football pitches. If this installation is granted planning permission, it is expected to generate enough electricity to power 13,500 homes.

Arla unveils new measures to help farmers self-generate renewable energy

4 May, 2021 – The dairy supplier, Arla Foods, has announced plans to purchase renewable energy directly from their farmers that are generating electricity from onsite renewables. Arla’s farmers will sell their Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates to Arla to help offset its electricity consumption. Farmers with large onsite installations will be able to generate enough electricity to power their operations with renewables while making extra profit through exporting the excess energy to Arla Foods.\

‘Rural households cannot afford the heat pumps needed for net zero’

30 April, 2021 – A survey conducted by Opinium and Liquid Gas UK has revealed that 28% of rural households could not afford to install a low carbon heating system. Many people do not want to spend more than £4,000, but the average heat pump ranges from £11,000 to £18,000. 88% of the rural households want to see more government support for low carbon heat and to be realistic about the most suitable heating systems for rural properties.

More than half of UK consumers ‘consider installing renewables at home’

30 April, 2021 – Over 50% of UK households are considering installing renewable energy at their property, according to research by GHD. Installing solar is the most popular option. Swapping to a hydrogen boiler, hydrogen batteries or ground source heat pump is also being considered by over half of the people surveyed. The analysis demonstrated that over 75% of the UK agree that the public have a role to play in become more sustainable. These results clearly show a positive future for renewables and green hydrogen.

Wind Can Power 3.3 Million New Jobs Over Next Five Years

29 April, 2021 – 3.3 million new wind power jobs are expected to be created globally within the next five years to assist with the large expansion of the industry. Many of these jobs will be created in countries with the most planned installations, including China, the UK and the US. New jobs in the industry will be across onshore and offshore wind, in areas including manufacturing and project planning.