How to maximise the value of ESOS Phase 2 through onsite renewables

March 4, 2020

The ESOS Phase 2 compliance deadline ended on 5 December 2019. Organisations where ESOS is applicable now have a lot of very useful energy consumption data gathered during the audit process. With 4 years until the next compliance date, now is the perfect time to exploit all that data to explore onsite renewable energy generation.


ESOS Background

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK with over 250 employees and/or an annual turnover over £39 million. Assessments, which include audits of energy use within buildings, industrial processes and transport, are carried out every four years to identify cost-effective energy savings measures. The most recent compliance date has just passed and therefore your organisation will have its full suite of data and results to hand. The outputs of an ESOS assessment include 12 months of energy consumption data for each of the company’s locations, which aids in the identification of significant energy consumption areas. From examining the profile, energy savings opportunities can be identified.


Findings from ESOS Phase 2

Results from ESOS Phase 2 are positive, with 90% of organisations reporting they have implemented or are planning to implement an energy improvement measure. Compared to ESOS Phase 1, companies have increased awareness and commitment towards making green changes: 85% of organisations place energy efficiency at a medium or high priority level. The main changes that have been implemented include the installation of LED light bulbs and efficiency improvement measures for heating and cooling technologies. 40% of organisations agreed that such changes have led to net cost savings for their organisations.

Meeting Net Zero

The UK government has mandated a net zero emissions target by 2050, with many companies pledging to meet this target much sooner. Although reducing energy consumption is a great way to combat climate change, our modern-day economy still necessitates the use of electricity and heating in most cases. To ensure that we can meet business energy demand in a sustainable way, it is vital that energy is sourced from renewable and low-carbon technologies. However, with concerns over grid security and “green-washing” by some energy suppliers, 100% reliance on grid-supplied renewable energy may not always be the best choice.


Onsite Renewables

Generating your energy through onsite renewables is the only way to 100% guarantee your supply is green. Findings from ESOS show that implementation measures have been hindered by a lack of expertise or financial resources; OnGen can provide you with the expertise to unlock the true value of your company’s data. At OnGen, we can use your energy consumption data compiled through your ESOS reports to find the onsite renewable energy mix that best maximises your energy cost and carbon savings. Our portfolio analytics tool allows you to review all your company’s sites to reveal which have the highest renewable potential. Armed with the outputs of your ESOS audits, your company is ready to unleash your renewable future, so what is holding you back? Join the fight against climate change by reducing your carbon emissions through onsite renewables. Contact us at OnGen to get started today.