April fools? Are you ready for higher energy bills in your business?

March 29, 20230


Many businesses are going to see a nasty shock in the coming months when they open their energy bills, as the level of support under the various government energy bills schemes is being dramatically cut.  The Federation of Small Business has published a recent estimate that suggests that some 370,000 small businesses across the UK will need to shrink or restructure due to the changes to this energy bill subsidy scheme, whilst Npower’s recent Business Energy Tracker suggested that 91% of large businesses polled were either ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ about energy prices.


And it’s not likely to be an issue that resolves quickly – only this week KPMG have suggested that energy bills will remain high for at least a decade as the move to NetZero picks up pace.


Businesses who signed energy contracts in the last year will be particularly affected – as they see themselves stuck in contracts without the benefits of the various relief scheme, with bills set to rocket.


So what can businesses do to protect themselves from current and future energy price rises?


Fundamentally, businesses need to take control of their energy usage.  Whilst of course the first step here is to understand what you use and when, so you can take steps to try and reduce your bills.  However, if energy use is critical to the successful running of your business, it can be difficult to drive significant savings through use reduction alone.


At this stage, it’s worth looking at whether generating your own renewable energy, on site, could help you reduce your energy costs.  Installing onsite renewable generation – whether that be through wind, solar, ground source heat pumps or other sources, could not only help you reduce your bills, but could also help you to accurately forecast and control your energy spending for years to come.  It also has the added benefit of reducing your carbon emissions.


Worried about the complexity?  Here at OnGen we can help to step you through the process of installing your own energy generation, from understanding the savings, building the business case, through to applying to funding and appointing expert installers.  Our unique technology and renewable energy experts will walk you through the whole journey – and get you on track to reduce your energy costs, and control your bills.


To find out more, get in touch today.

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