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The OnGen Expert™

We developed the easiest online renewable energy feasibility tool to help organisations realize the benefits of deploying a range of onsite renewable energy generation technologies by producing high-quality financial assessments to support a business case.

Some of our customers


”OnGen has made it simple and easy for us to demonstrate potential energy costs savings of £2.55 million across the lifetime of planned onsite renewable installations”


Cara Merusi

University of Edinburgh

”Through the OnGen Expert we have identified the opportunity to install 13.5MW of wind, solar and biomass CHP to save approximately 7,000 tonnes of carbon.”


ITP Energised

”We liked it so much we have invested in the tool. Congratulations on producing such an awesome piece of software.”

Energy Edge

Bill Motion

Energy Edge

”It is vitally important investors understand at an early stage the viability of a project. Having a tool to filter out and highlight those projects offers the highest level of benefit and potential success to communities and their investors.”


Chris Matthews

Senior Advisor, Pure Leapfrog

“Putting reliable information in the hands of consumers is the first step on the road to an energy revolution as I believe that the energy system of the future will be far more decentralised and renewable-focused than our current fossil-based industrialised system. Navigating this transition is not easy and OnGen is developing products that allow all consumers of energy to make informed decisions”

Ian Marchant

Ian Marchant

Investor, Chairman at Wood Group

“The OnGen Expert provides best in class feasibility assessment and will provide customers a real insight into how an optimal mix of onsite generation could lower their energy bills, even when subsidies are no longer available.”


Michael Dent

Managing Director, Inprova Energy

“OnGen is the holy grail for the renewable energy and battery storage industries.”

Iain Beveridge

Iain Beveridge

Sales Manager, Wattstor
Unlock the Potential of Renewable Energy
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